Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Menu

Here's today's Menu Choices:
  1. Casey and Layne are going to present a cover/theme that we worked with Mr. Tod on the other day during 4A.
  2. Assign pages on the ladder. REMINDER: Yearbook 2 staff members get first choice!
  3. Create senior ad templates. (Layne and Casey can unlock your pages.)
  4. Contact business and sell more ads...please!
Please call on my cell if you have questions or concerns.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Go to Camp!

Please make plans to attend Mrs. Gillmore's Yearbook Camp on August 12-13!

I am working on our agenda and will be posting it to the this class's wiki at Cafe Yearbook.

In advance, thanks for helping us create another year's history at Batesville High.

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

Monday, May 25, 2009

One last deadline...

This is last deadline!

Tomorrow, during this class's semester test time, you will present your theme presentation to me for 2009-2010!

Remember: your semester test is based upon how much YOU, individually, put into creating this presentation.

As you already know, I am out, again, today. This time my husband is having knee surgery, a much-needed surgery. He is in extreme pain, time for some relief!

Also, we need to confirm, make a final decision about summer camp: going to Walsworth's or staying local? Be thinking and discussing!

Please email me questions, comments, and concerns...or just to check in!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Assignment for April 24

Please work on the following today:
  1. Draft your pages. Need to be completing them! This magazine will need to go to the printer next Thursday!
  2. Call your businesses...make those contacts. Need your info? The clipboards are located behind my desk by the green deadline folders.

To those attending Prom tonight: Enjoy! Be safe!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Latest in Gillmore-Land

I am out again stepson broke his ankle Tuesday evening and will have surgery tomorrow at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

HELP! I am in charge of setting up the entertainment for the Mini-Relay for Life, which is tomorrow night! I have several 10-minute slots...would you please help me recruit some entertainers for tomorrow? Sydney, are you interested? Would someone touch base with Kathleen T and the Barber Then let me know? Who else?

Today's other assignments:
  • Work in your teams to create a yearbook theme campaign consisting of a cover, divider page, a sample double-page layout, and any reoccurring thematic elements that might be repeated throughout the book.
  • Work on the magazine! Someone please check my mailbox for returned interview questions...some might be for newspaper (4A). Please leave those for the next class.
  • We need to sell ads next Wednesday. Please feel free to claim a business...or two (someone make a master list and place in Yearbook folder) and contact any businesses ahead of time! I'm remembering...Briley and Jill, you have this under control?!
  • What else? Sorry about the "scatteredness" of this...we got home about 4 AM this morning...
  • Send me an email or drop a comment here...I'll read them and respond.

Once again...thanks! You are great!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yearbook 2009 Is Completed...and Gone!

Congratulations! Job very well done! Cheesecake on Friday, anyone?

Today, I am assessing a new teacher in another school district so that she may obtain her "real" teacher's license. While I am away, please work on the following:
  1. Write, type, deliver, and place a copy of your interview questions for your stories for the magazine in the folder within the "Magazine 2009" folder.
  2. Then draft magazine templates. Will have to open a"new document" in InDesign. We can later copy/paste them on the magazine pages (just did not have time to break those pages out). Save these pages in the "Page Template" folder within Magazine 2009.
  3. SO DUE TODAY: interview questions and page layouts.

Yearbooks should be here within three! That is exciting!

Have a grand day...and please leave me a comment below so I know you read this blog post!

Monday, March 30, 2009


D5 proofs are back; they must be sent to the plant on April 6! Yes, that is very soon!

PLEASE spend today completing your page and proofing everyone else's page.

Send me an email or respond to this blog post about what you need to complete your page.

Ooops...forgot to pick up the CD from Matthews. Will pick it up today after my meetng and place them in a folder.

Other Photos Needed?
  • Soccor Team Photos: Maria, please check with the coach...I can take this photo on Friday.
  • Baseball Team Photo: Supposed to take today at 3:00.
  • Swim Team: have photos but team photos still needed.
  • Spring Sport Honors: take Friday beginning of 2B.
  • Others?

Other Assignments:

  1. Begin drafting your magazine layouts. I do not have the magazine pages created, so please just create a two-page document in InDesign. You may copy/paste your work into the magazine pages when I get Mr. Tod to help me create them!
  2. Next week, we will begin developing theme ideas for the 2009-10 yearbook. Please form teams of two and be creative! Need to develop a cover, a divider page, a two-page spread with thematic elements, and any other pages to ensure your theme wins!

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

  • Please post a comment. I will check here this evening and respond.

You are a great team! Keep up the great work! Must have another pizza/cheesecake party soon!